“Sherlock” Fan Gives Necessary Edits To The First Official Still

Give the Sherlock fandom something to work with and they’ll go the mile. Note: There’s a lot more edits, I just focused on this one tumblr user’s.

1. Here’s the original version of the new still for the new series of Sherlock

Facebook / Via Facebook: BBCOne

2. Here’s Sherlock trying to get John’s attention

3. Now he’s getting a little cheeky..

Silly Sherlock, sillier John for not seeing him.

4. Oh Sherlock .. you’d think John would see him by now.

I mean look at those arms, and chest and the look on his face. Oh Sherlock..

5. Well now he’s just getting sassy


6. I think Sherlock is getting just as frustrated by this as the fans

“John. JOhn. JOHN.”

7. Even Anderson can’t get John’s attention

tumblr / Via thoth32.tumblr.com

but that’s because no one likes you Anderson, you make the room less intelligent.

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