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11 Things Non-Salad Eaters are Tired of Hearing

You will either go out to lunch or eat at your desk and someone will notice. You've never touched a salad since you started there, and in comes the peanut gallery. This is for you, stay strong in the cubicle struggle.

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1. So like, why not?

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I just don't.

2. But they're so good!

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Some people dig tasteless leaves and flavorless meat products. I'm not one of those people.

3. But you can put ANYTHING in them!

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This is true. But how is this different from a sandwich or wrap? I can put anything in those and no one rips me for eating those.

4. Yes but CARBS are in sandwiches.

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Oh yes and your cup of bleu cheese dressing makes everything so much better.

5. Exactly! Dressing makes everything better!

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You know that can go on a sandwich too... Still not getting the difference between this and sandwiches...

6. So like, do you not eat or like vegetables?

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Wow, you know all vegetables that I could possibly eat are in the salad you're eating right now. So no, of course I don't eat ANY vegetables.

7. Lunches would be soooo much easier if you ate salads!

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Right, for who exactly?

8. Maybe you just haven't found the right salad for you!

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Wait.. so is enjoying salad like dating now? I don't want this. Abort. ABORT.

9. It'll make your life SO much easier if you liked it!

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10. Try my salad!

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11. TRY IT.

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