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The 42 Most Important Dunks of 2013 (NBA Edition)

There is nothing more important than a dunk. NOTHING!

42. Josh Smith vs. Nets

You slap his head, he slams it down in your face.

41. Chandler Parsons vs. Thunder

Didn't even see him coming, kid. Didn't even see him coming.

40. Gerald Wallace vs. Bulls

Joakim Noah looking like a little boy on this play.

39. Andrew Bogut vs. Nuggets

This is such a white man jam.

38. JaVale McGee vs. Rockets

JaVale McGee throws alley-oops to himself because JaVale McGee doesn't care for your rules.

37. James Harden vs. Jazz

Yeah, that seems hard to defend.

36. Harrison Barnes vs. Nuggets

Reverse dunks have a special place in my heart. Right next to out-of-date cool sayings like "Booyah!"

35. Nick Young vs. Bucks

Nick Young literally shouted as loud as he could when he slammed this one home. It probably helped.

34. Terrence Ross vs. Bobcats

Terrence Ross: Professional Dunker.

33. Paul George vs. Heat

This is the best move you can do in rec league basketball. It also apparently works in the NBA.

32. Kobe Bryant vs. Clippers

Look at this old man throwing it down. Hey, good for you, old man.

31. JaVale McGee vs. Warriors

"It's ridiculous how athletic this guy is." - Commentator during replay.

30. Joakim Noah vs. Nets

I simply do not understand how someone can do this and then shoot a free throw the way Noah shoots a free throw. Why are you so weird, dude?

29. Sam Young vs. Knicks

Windmill Dunks > The Industrial Revolution.

28. Dion Waiters vs. Heat

The young talent in Cleveland is pretty impressive.

27. Jeff Green vs. Magic

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a stare down. It's a stare down, people.

26. Paul George vs. Heat

Birdman down. Birdman down.

25. Roy Hibbert vs. Hawks

This is why Entertainment 720 signed him.

24. Kobe Bryant vs. Hawks

So Kobe's good at basketball.

23. DeMar DeRozan vs. Nuggets

This dunk was so beautiful it made Drake cry.

22. Harrison Barnes vs. Bucks

Now THAT is going up and over a defender.

21. Kevin Durant vs. Suns

Marcin Gortat gave up before the ball even entered the hoop. Marcin Gortat, you make me laugh.

20. DeMarcus Cousins vs. Nuggets

Oh, child, you can't take a charge when a bulldozer is coming at you. Educate yourself, fool.

19. JaVale McGee vs. Suns

Man, when JaVale McGee is not screwing everything up, he's actually quite good at basketball.

18. Paul George vs. Minnesota

Razzle dazzle!

17. Jerryd Bayless vs. Timberwolves

Jams it in!

16. Blake Griffin vs. Bucks

Is that how you get the key to Lob City?

15. J.R. Smith vs. Spurs

A reverse dunk off an alley-oop? Thank you very much, Mr. Smith.

14. Terrence Ross vs. Mavericks

Okay, I guess you did deserve that slam dunk title.

13. Taj Gibson vs. Nets

Does anybody know how to post videos to Facebook?

12. Blake Griffin vs. Bucks

I'm just going to go ahead and say it, putback dunks are sexy.

11. Tayshaun Prince vs. Thunder

Bet you didn't know Prince could still get up like that, huh? I'm sure he surprised himself with this move.

10. Terrence Ross vs. Nets

Oh, good lord. How did he do that?

9. LeBron James vs. Celtics

This is the NBA equivalent of monkey in the middle. Only in this case, the monkey was killed by LeBron James.

8. Blake Griffin vs. Knicks

Haha. Classic Blake Griffin.

7. Nate Robinson vs. Trail Blazers

To be perfectly honest, no man his size should ever be able to do this. Nate Robinson, you're a freak and I love you.

6. Kobe Bryant vs. Warriors

David Lee slept on the Black Mamba and he paid the price.

5. Kevin Durant vs. Rockets

Aaaaaand that's a poster. Thank you for trying, Omer Asik. Seriously, thanks. It made the poster a lot better.

4. Jeff Green vs. Heat

I'm not totally sure about this, but I believe this dunk was the inspiration behind R. Kelly's hit single "I Believe I Can Fly."

3. Kawhi Leonard vs. Heat

Mike Miller getting slapped in the face during this dunk will never not be hilarious.

2. Iman Shumpert vs. Pacers

The only thing better than this putback is the hairdo. RIP Iman Shumpert's amazing flat top.

1. DeAndre Jordan vs. Detroit Pistons