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The Possibility Of "Space Jam 2" With LeBron James Is Upsetting Fans

"There's only one Space Jam."

Earlier this morning, it was announced that LeBron James and his company, SpringHill Entertainment, are partnering with Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Let's Go! So excited #WarnerBrosXSpringhillEnt

While the partnership has not yet announced what they will be creating together, the speculation around a Space Jam sequel with LeBron is now hitting an all-time high after it was revealed that Warner Bros. filed a trademark for "Space Jam" last month.

Warner Bros. filed new trademarks for "Space Jam" last month. Today announced deal with LeBron James.

And even though there has been no confirmation from either side (on top of this rumor existing for years), the mere THOUGHT of Space Jam 2 with LeBron James is already upsetting people.

Fuck LeBron James. Fuck whatever Space Jam 2 is going to be. Don't ruin the one sacred thing left in my life.

I'm not interested in a Space Jam 2. There's only one Space Jam.

If LeBron James stars in a sequel to Space Jam, I will move out of the country.

I will vote for Donald Trump if he can stop Space Jam 2 starring LeBron James from happening.

I don't protest much, but I am straight up boycotting this Lebron James Space Jam reboot #spacesham

please no space jam 2. it's already bad enough that lebron james keeps ruining my bulls' title chances.

Space Jam 2 with LeBron James would be a fucking travesty

Lebron James does not deserve Space Jam 2

While some were upset about the possibility of LeBron replacing Michael Jordan on the Tune Squad, others speculated on the plot...

Space Jam 2: LeBron James yells at Mario Chalmers for an hour and twenty minutes

Space Jam 2: Lebron James arranges a press conference at the Looney Tunes Boys and Girls Club to announce he’s signing with the Monstars

Space Jam 2 will star LeBron James, but Dwayne Wade will get all the credit and Ray Allen will save it from being a disaster.

Likely criticism of Lebron James in the next Space Jam movie "If he can't lead Cleavland to a title, how can he lead the Looney Tunes!?"

And a few just wanted to make sure it could live up to the legacy of the original film.

Space jam 2 with Lebron James? Idk how they would make a better movie than a classic but I would see it Space Jam 2 really a thing? As long as the soundtrack is 1/2 as good, count me in!

LeBron better not mess up Space Jam 2...

Well, Space Jam 2 with LeBron James is gonna happen. If MJ isn't in it, we riot.

Except for this man, who is just plain wrong about everything.

Never seen Space Jam so not that excited for Space Jam 2 with LeBron. Now Like Mike was the best basketball movie ever for me.

  1. So what do YOU think? Are you excited about the possibility of a Space Jam sequel starring LeBron James?

    Andy Lyons / Staff
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So what do YOU think? Are you excited about the possibility of a Space Jam sequel starring LeBron James?
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