21 Foolproof NFL Player Disguises

What would happen if other NFL players wanted a chance to restart their careers like Deion Sanders did in that NFL commercial? This.

1. Leon Sandcastle

Deion Sanders

Watch the original commercial here.

2. Barry Ricecakes

Jerry Rice

3. B.J. Eagle

A.J. Hawk

4. Don Marinersbaseball

Dan Marino

5. Aight Fosterparents

Arian Foster

6. Tim Brody

Tom Brady

7. Skittles Beast Mode Haha Yeah

Marshawn Lynch

8. Not Eli Manning

Eli Manning

9. Myaunte Cutspeppers

Daunte Culpepper

10. Gene Leggings

Greg Jennings

11. Thankgodfor Thissecondchance

Tim Tebow

12. Yards Houston

Miles Austin

13. ZenDarvus Blue-Elvis

BenJarvus Green-Ellis

14. Dogginton Hornswallow

Doug Flutie

15. Mark Consuelos

Mark Sanchez

16. Roy Petmyhairdo

Troy Polamalu

17. Playdoh Matthews

Clay Matthews

18. Jon Favreau

Brett Favre

19. Kevin Papernapkin

Colin Kaepernick

20. The JaMarcus Russell

JaMarcus Russell

21. Boo Bees

Drew Brees

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