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19 Of The Best "Secret" Fast Food Menu Items

I'm here for the McGangBang.

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite fast food "off-the-menu" item that they've either ordered or created. Here are some of our favorite responses:

1. Apple Pie McFlurry from McDonald's:

- Ask for a plain McFlurry with a hot baked apple pie mixed in.

- Add caramel.

Submitted by morganl4f6da3b35

3. Butterbeer Frappuccino from Starbucks:

- Ask for a tall creme frappuccino with two pumps of caramel and two pumps of toffee nut with whip and a caramel drizzle (optional).

Submitted by Sangdy Lang, Facebook


4. The McGangBang from McDonald's:

- You split open a McDouble and put a Jr. Chicken sandwich between the patties.

Submitted by John-Clancy Power, Facebook

6. The Nutella Frappuccino from Starbucks:

- Order a coffee frappuccino.

- Add two pumps of mocha sauce and one pump of hazelnut syrup.

- Blend in whipped cream.

Submitted by Tara Choudhary, Facebook


8. Taco Pizza from Subway:

- If the store still sells Flatizzas and has the chicken enchilada, ask them if they will put the enchilada meat on the Flatizza, no marinara sauce, and toast it with monterey cheddar cheese.

- Then add lettuce, tomatoes, etc., after it's cooked for a taco pizza.

Submitted by Josie Knouf, Facebook

9. Cotton Candy Frappuccino from Starbucks:

- Order a vanilla bean frappe with two pumps of raspberry syrup.

Submitted by Taylor Baker, Facebook

11. Arctic Rush Float from Dairy Queen:

- Order an Arctic Rushdrink with vanilla soft serve added in.

Submitted by Justine Fitting, Facebook


12. "Animal Style" Burger/Fries from In-N-Out:

- Even though this is technically not on the menu, you can just ask for your burger or fries "animal style" and they'll add the delicious mixture to your order.

Submitted by Mayra Janette Montanez, Facebook

13. Bacon Ranch Chicken Sandwich from Dairy Queen:

- If your location doesn't offer this, you can order a FlameThrower Chicken Sandwich and substitute the fiery FlameThrower® sauce for ranch. Or order a chicken sandwich and add bacon and ranch.

Submitted by Sarah Elizabeth Wilson, Facebook

15. A Triple-Layered Drink from Starbucks:

- Lemonade to the first line.

- Cool lime to the second line.

- Add ice, then passion tango tea to top it off.

Submitted by Lyn Rohmer, Facebook


17. Grilled Cheese from In-N-Out:

- Like "Animal Style," this item is technically not on the menu, but customers can just ask for a grilled cheese, which is essentially a meat-less cheeseburger with all the fixin's.

Submitted by xoxolindseylou

18. Quesarito from Chipotle:

- A burrito wrapped in a cheese quesadilla.

Submitted by lizgower22

19. Thin Mint Frappuccino from Starbucks:

- Green tea frappuccino with white mocha syrup and java chips.

- Add whipped cream and mocha drizzle on top.


- Java Chip frappuccino with two-three pumps of peppermint added to it.

Submitted by Hannah Bennett, Facebook, and megane4f99f5eee

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