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18 Celebrities Morphed Into Stunningly Perfect People

Famous people are really, really ridiculously good-looking.

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ThatNordicGuy (who prefers to keep his real name hidden) is a digital artist who uses a combination of software to perfectly blend the faces of famous people — the results of which are stunning portraits of lifelike yet imaginary people.


The idea of morphing two celebrities together like this came after ThatNordicGuy had trouble visualizing a character he created in a short story, which was "like a mix of [this person] and [this other person]."


"I couldn't really visualize what [the two people] would look like as one, so I started working on a morph, and now I might actually have a problem," ThatNordicGuy told BuzzFeed.


As for how he chooses his models, well, it's pretty simple: "After doing this for a while [about five years], I can usually look at any two faces and get a pretty good impression of what they'd look like mashed together."


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