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    • MPl

      Of course, someone who cuts off their own ear is bound to be a little crazy, but I don’t think poor old Vincent fits for this case. What I understand from the many psychological profilers and the general psychological profiling that went on in this case is that Jack would have had a very troubled childhood, with either an abusive father and a complacent mother or an abusive mother. At the very least, he’d have to have a very troubled relationship with his mother. Of course, it seems there were some rough spots there (i.e. in the relationship with his mother), but there’s not that many who’ve had a perfect childhood. If it is true that killing his victims was, in his mind, connected to his mother, he would have been unable to form bonds with women in general. At least, if his grudge was with prostitutes, he would not have been able to form a lasting relationship with them. However, Van Gogh had a relationship (perhaps sexual and perhaps not) with a prostitute named Sien and even showed her great kindness. That would be rather out-of-character for Jack’s disposition.  That said, it seems that his relationship with his mother, though perhaps not the greatest, was not so damaged that he’d feel motivated to kill in connection with her, as can be seen in this letter (, after the murders (in 1890). All in all, I don’t think that Van Gogh is “messed up” enough to be Jack the Ripper, but that’s only my humble opinion.

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