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16 Kids Who Are Fed Up With Their Parents' Reactions To The Coronavirus

"She actually threw a COVID party."

By now, we all know that the coronavirus is a very serious issue. At least, we should all know. But some boomers have become a source of frustration for their friends and family as they disregard the dangers of this pandemic.


In all fairness, other age groups have struggled to handle it well too. You might have heard of the many Gen Z'ers who flocked to beaches last week for spring break in Florida. Already, five students at the University of Tampa have tested positive for COVID-19.

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Now boomers aren't going to parties on the beach, but many are failing to take this situation seriously. Their children are turning to social media in droves to vent about their parents who just don't get it. So here are some tweets that are making kids say, "Come on, really??":

1. The pandemic-themed soirée:

My fricken 60-something year old mom is MOCKING the dang virus! 🙄🙄😡 She actually threw a COVID PARTY. Can’t get her to take it seriously. What’s up with hard headed Boomers?!

2. The dad who says he's "seen worse":

Baby boomers don’t give a single fuck about this virus. My dad is from the hood so he claims he seen worse .. he like y’all grew up in the suburbs that’s why u scared 😭😭😭😭 grinding us up.

3. The vitamin > virus parents:

trying to explain to my boomer parents how serious this virus is and all my mom had to say was “we increased our vitamin intake so we’ll be fine :)” how do I gently explain that her ignorance could get her very ill

4. The mom who thinks she's superior to other boomers:

My parents are planning to come to help me move. I asked my mom if she still thought that was a good idea. She like you worried we might give you the virus. No ma’am, YOU’RE OLD IM WORRIED ABOUT YOU. She like we ain’t your average 60 year olds. ...okay Boomer.

5. The conspiracy theorist:

Are any of y’all’s baby boomer ass parents saying that this is a conspiracy theory. My dad is running me ragged. If I catch this virus know that it was his fault. Because he won’t chill the fuck out

6. The mom who's rewarding your compassion with the silent treatment:

My mom is ignoring me because I’ve been telling her what to do amid this corona virus outbreak. Ugh being in charge of a boomer is CHALLENGING.

7. The parents who think science belongs in the toilet:

Man, if you wanna piss off boomers just tell them this is going to last longer than 2 weeks and watch them implode. My mom stormed out of room when I read science about the virus and it’s spread. My stepdad said it was all crap.

8. The dad who needs to be threatened before he'll listen:

me: do not go anywhere my borderline gen x/boomer dad: I’m not gonna let a virus stop me from living my life me: /I/ am going to stop you from living period if you don’t stay home my dad: me: when this is over, I’m putting you in a home

9. The dad who won't wash his hands:

why is it so hard to get boomers to do things to prevent corona i had to yell at my dad for him to wash his hands what the fuck if one of these days i contract the virus its not my fault good bye

10. The parents who think they know infinitely more than their kids:

here's something that scares the shit out of me: both my parents are over the age of 60 which puts them at greater risk of getting the virus but now, how do i tell two boomers who think they know EVERYTHING to slow down and stay indoors???

11. The mom who thinks it can't happen to her:

My mom just said "I'm not going to get corona virus so don't worry about me!" This is someone who gets bronchitis with every cold, has diabetes and high blood pressure. The arrogance of baby boomers sure is something to see !

12. The dad who can't stop being a social butterfly even during a pandemic:

I love that this virus affects boomers the most yet it’s boomers who aren’t taking it seriously My Bf’s dad is having people over and has gone to the store about everyday this week even after the shelter in place mandate. Like what 🙃

13. The workaholic:

Boomer parents living cross country are going to kill me before this virus. As an old millennial, my head is going to explode. My dad, who as hospitalized two months ago for a lung infection, IS STILL GOING TO WORK IN NJ WHICH IS A HOT SPOT. AHHHHHHH

14. The dad who stresses you to the core:

My dad is being a typical Boomer & isn’t worried about this virus. Yet here I am, worrying enough for my entire family 😭

15. The dad who needs to hear the ground is lava before he'll stay put:

This boomer thing is insane. The virus ain't fazing them. I just might tell my dad that we're playing (the outside) floor is lava just so he'd stay at home. 😤

16. And finally, here's some support for kids of boomers:

Gonna start a support group called Children of Boomer Parents During Coronavirus Anonymous.

Boomers, all your kids want is for you to be safe! Please read up on the pandemic and follow social distancing guidelines to give your children some peace of mind in these troubling times.