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    I Can't Stop Laughing At This "SNL" Sketch With Pete Davidson, Elon Musk, And Miley Cyrus

    Pete Davidson as an astronaut is exactly what I never knew I needed.

    Last night, Saturday Night Live looked a little different from usual. Tesla CEO Elon Musk hosted for the first time and was joined by Miley Cyrus.

    Elon Musk giving the opening monologue as SNL host

    In a sketch called "Chad on Mars," Elon rushes into the SpaceX headquarters. A solar storm has damaged the colony on Mars, and an astronaut needs to turn on a backup circulator. Since the radiation levels are deadly, it's a suicide mission.

    But one man volunteers: our hero, Chad!

    In case you didn't know, Chad is a recurring character on the show. His nonchalant attitude is legendary!

    Back on Mars, Chad reveals how mature he is and how seriously he's taking the mission.

    But what kind of astronaut story would this be without a love interest?! Played by Miley, of course.

    Miley says she wishes they could love one last time to which Chad responds by getting naked before Miley's character says they can't. Chad says "It's all good"

    And then — a romantic twist!

    Miley's characters tells Chad she's pregnant with his baby. His response is "No, thank you"

    Chad follows the directions from headquarters and solemnly prepares to save life on Mars.

    After Chad successfully restores oxygen levels, Elon makes the feed public so everyone can appreciate the astronaut's brave sacrifice.

    But when Elon wants a good look at our hero's face...

    ...Chad takes off his helmet, and our hero meets his tragic end!!

    You can watch the full SNL sketch here:

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