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People Are Sharing The Moments They Realized They Weren't Young Anymore, And Dang, Some Of These Are Just Too Relatable

"When a song I loved as a teenager appeared as an oldie on the radio."

If you’re over 30, you probably know all too well that you've started feeling like your youth is behind you.

Well, Reddit user u/spp25 recently asked, "When did you realize that you are officially 'not young' anymore?"

And there were so many relatable responses! Here are some of the top-voted answers:

1. "I threw my back out scooping cat litter one day. I didn't even do anything weird, just bent over like normal and then was in pain for a week. I've since done it again scooping litter, so I'm convinced that my boyfriend should handle that from now on."


2. "When a song I loved as a teenager appeared as an oldie on the radio."


"That compilation called Now That's What I Call Dad Rock with Sum 41 and Avril Lavigne on it was a bit depressing."


3. "I just bought a new mop and was really excited to go home and use it. I mopped the whole apartment in absolute bliss."


Mop and bucket

4. "I had a truck sitting in front of my house for an hour, at 1 a.m. Didn't know what they were up to, but I didn't like it. Finally, I knocked on the window and said, 'I don't know what you're doing, but do it somewhere else.' Turns out it was a couple of teenagers fooling around, one of whom lives a few houses down."

"So yeah, I pulled a literal 'damn kids, get off my lawn!' on them. And now, I'm that curmudgeonly old guy who lives down the street, and I'm only 35."


5. "This year, when multiple SONS of American football players I watched growing up got drafted into the NFL."


6. "When I realized having a 1 in front of my birth year is all anyone needs to know I'm old enough to purchase alcohol. I don't know why, but that dumb fact just hit me like a ton of bricks."


Bartender looking at ID

7. "Saw some neighborhood kids messing with a stop sign. I slowed the car down, rolled down a window, and said, 'Hey...I think maybe you shouldn't be doing that.' In my mind, that meant cut it out before an adult catches you."

"But these kids looked sheepishly at the ground and gave me an 'Okay' like I was the adult in the situation. Which I was, gently chastising children for fooling around with public property."


8. "When I found my first gray pubic hair on my balls. It's quite the reality check when even your junk looks old."


9. "When one of my younger coworkers took it upon herself to explain to me who Cardi B was. I already knew who she was and was familiar with her music. Apparently, I just looked like I needed to be supplied with this info."


Cardi B posing

10. "When my best friend and I were planning for a concert, and for the first time in our lives, we were like, 'Do we...want to buy seats instead of standing in the pit?'"


11. "When I only got four hours of sleep before work and felt like I was literally going to die. Ten years ago, I would drive five hours after work on Friday to see my SO, we’d party all weekend, then I’d leave at 1 a.m. on Monday, drive all night and go to work that same morning. I was exhausted but fine. Now, just one night of not enough sleep…I got old."


12. "When I started viewing guys on motorcycles with concern instead of awe. 'Damn kid's gonna get himself killed' vs. 'Ooh, look at that hot rebel.'"


Person on a motorcycle

13. "I got ma'amed by a random twentysomething. Broke my heart."


14. "Some kids were throwing a party. Loud music and laughter/voices. I said to myself, 'It’s 10 p.m., shouldn’t they be turning it down now?' Started debating going to knock on the door and telling them to just turn it down a bit. Then I realized….it’s Saturday night."

"I realized I am officially that cranky neighbor who's home on a Saturday night with nothing better to do but get mad at the teens for doing exactly what I used to do."


15. "Reasonably recent references are met with dead silence and confusion by young adults/teens."


"I had an apprentice work alongside me, and he had no idea who the Spice Girls were."


Spice Girls smiling together

16. "This is pretty silly, but for me, it was when I was shopping in Target and came across a buy one, get one 50% off deal for OxiClean. I was so excited that I texted my wife, and then promptly realized, 'Oh man, I’m so middle-aged!' It was like one of those 'avoid becoming like your parents' commercials."


17. "When I dislocated my jaw lying in bed, yawning. Didn't even think it was even possible."


18. "I took my fiancé back to the university I attended, and we went for a drink at my old favorite bar. Ordered a margarita, and the waiter said, 'Do you want the well tequila that we serve to everyone or like….adult tequila?'"


Margarita with a lime wedge

19. "The other day, I dropped something on the floor. I had to think for a hard second whether to go down and reach for it or just leave it."


20. "When I stopped healing as fast as I used to."


21. And finally, "When I went to a nightclub, and everyone looked like children."


People dancing in a nightclub

What happened to make you realize that you're officially old? LMK in the comments below!