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18 Tweets For People Who Are Obsessed With "Never Have I Ever"

Team Paxton or Team Ben?! I'm torn TBH.

Never Have I Ever is Netflix's latest hit show, and I am in love! From the diversity to the love triangle to way the show gets teens just right, there's so much to enjoy.


Everyone's new favorite show – created by Mindy Kaling who you might remember as Kelly Kapoor from The Office – is causing quite the stir online. Here are some of the best tweet reactions:

1. All hail these handsome devils:

Can we take a moment to appreciate the men on Never Have I Ever? Cause...... #NeverHaveIEver

2. My mouth literally fell open:

The way Devi walked up to Paxton, her crush, and asked to have sex. Confidence level infinity. #NeverHaveIEver

3. Best twist of the season, hands down:

I really thought he was gonna be forty, ashy and sassy #NeverHaveIEver

4. And Kamala dropped Steve like a hot cake:

Kamala to Steve when she saw Prashant #NeverHaveIEver

5. Let's not forget about that dad though:

Watching this show and all I can focus on is how hot her dead dad was 😭😭😭 #neverhaveiever #neverhaveievernetflix

6. Gotta love it when the show nails it:

#NeverHaveIEver got Indian culture right all the way down to the sleeping uncle in the back

7. That's all that needed to be said TBH:

Paxton's jawline. That's the tweet. #NeverHaveIEver

8. Proof that Ben is a solid dude:

Ben let Devi stay at his house, reunited her friends back together, drove her all the way to Malibu and even waited till she finished paying her respects to her dad. If they don't get together in season 2 I'm gonna throw hands! #NeverHaveIEver

9. Can I be next in line?:

If devi don't want Paxton I'll take him sis😍😂 #NeverHaveIEver

10. Obviously, Netflix. Get it together:

How dare you even ask, @netflix. Yes, I’m still watching Never Have I Ever. A whole day of my life belongs to @mindykaling!!!

11. The way Paxton looks at her:

can someone look at me the way paxton looks at devi please #NeverHaveIEver

12. And the way Ben looks at her:

get someone to look at me the way ben looks at devi #NeverHaveIEver

13. For those torn right down the middle:

#NeverHaveIEver has me torn between a slow burn and enemies to lovers trope. Can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I’m legitimately shipping both? Like,,,,,

14. I'm not crying, you're crying:

Tell me why I had LITERAL TEARS in my eyes watching the final scene. What an outstanding show #NeverHaveIEver

15. Please be my boyfriend:

Paxton Hall-Yoshida coming for Peter Kavinsky’s title of everyone’s new @netflix boyfriend. #NeverHaveIEver

16. I'm right there with you:

When you find out that the guy who plays Paxton Hall-Yoshida is actually 29 years old, so it's not illegal to have a crush on him. #NeverHaveIEver

17. When the character development gets to you:

I actually loved Ben and Devi 's progress of relationship more than anything else. Paxton was pretty lame for Devi. I really want ben and devi to be together in season 2. From competitors to lovers a journey of love I'd be sucker for.😍❤️ #NeverHaveIEver #neverhaveievernetflix

18. And finally, just some love for Kamala because she deserves it:

“i watched #NeverHaveIEver for the plot” the plot in question:

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