Drew Barrymore's Home Is Going Viral Again — This Time For Her "Humble" Stove

    "Can't stop looking at your very normal stove. Refreshing."

    Once again, Drew Barrymore is going viral for being a relatable queen.

    Drew Barrymore smiling in a striped dress at a Paramount event

    Last month, the actor shared a TikTok video with clips of herself enjoying her home. Unlike many celebs *cough* Kim Kardashian *cough* Drew has a surprisingly normal home!

    Drew smiling in a casual setting with text  that says "I like staying in"

    It's cute, cozy, and actually feels lived in!

    Two images of Drew holding a plate of food with overlay text expressing contentment at staying in

    Social media users agreed, with one person writing, "I love that your house looks like a home and not just a showpiece."

    Drew  in floral top smiling on a talk show set

    Well, Drew recently shared a new TikTok video focused on spring cleaning.

    Drew organizing kitchen, captions read "Look at that now-empty drawer"

    She emptied her kitchen drawers and figured out what doesn't get used often.

    Drew  in a graphic sweatshirt gesturing, with text "How can I edit?" above

    And she wiped stuff down with a sponge, yelling, "Spring cleaning!" in a silly voice. She's just like us, LOL.

    But the thing that caught everyone's attention was actually her stove.

    Drew  in a casual shirt doing kitchen work near a stove, with an arrow pointing at the stove

    It's not some fancy stainless steel appliance that costs a cool $20k. In fact, Drew's stove looks similar to the one in my old apartment!

    Drew  cleaning the kitchen counter beside a white stove

    Fans in the comments were happy to see a regular stove in the kitchen, with one person calling it "humble":

    Many gushed over the kitchen in general:

    One person said, "A real used kitche. I think the Drew might be an original"

    And others shared their love for Drew:

    Four social media comments praising Drew's authenticity and relatability

    What do you think of Drew's kitchen? LMK in the comments below!