Drake Is Getting Roasted For Serving Mac 'N' Cheese With Raisins At His Party, So I Decided To Try It Myself

    I deeply regret this decision.

    In case you missed it, Drake celebrated his 34th birthday over the weekend.


    According to a tweet going around, the singer treated his guests to a lavish dinner which included — wait for it — mac 'n' cheese with raisins.

    Drake could have any meal in the world, but raisins IN mac & cheese lands on the birthday menu. 😭

    Yes, you read that right. WITH FREAKING RAISINS.

    Drake with a confused look on his face

    As you can imagine, Twitter had something to say about that:

    Drake is eating Mac and cheese with sun dried tomato, raisins, capers and parsley. I don’t ever wanna be that rich

    hot take: the Drake/Meek beef actually happened after Drake served Meek a plate of macaroni and raisins with velveeta cheese

    Drake served KD with raisins?! He’s all yours, America.

    After my initial disgust, I decided to give Drake's recipe a shot. Maybe he's secretly a culinary genius who's onto something here. Who knows? Not me!

    So I decided to try it and bought the ingredients for this questionable combo.

    A box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and three Sun-Maid Raisins

    When my mac 'n' cheese was done, I was very reluctant to ruin it with the raisins. Once I did, it looked fucking gross.

    Questionable pot of macaroni and cheese topped with raisins

    But I persevered and tried the stuff anyway!

    And let me tell you, people: It was NOT GOOD.

    It was honestly the most disgusting thing I've eaten in a long-ass time.

    So now, I can 1,000% agree with everyone online: Drake, this food is trash, and I can't believe you served it at your birthday party.

    What do you think about mac 'n' cheese with raisins? LMK in the comments below!