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    Chloe Bailey Dressed Up As Daenerys Targaryen For Halloween, And She KILLED It

    All hail the Mother of Dragons!

    Halloween is around the corner, and you know what that means. Another year of Chloe Bailey blessing us with her costumes!

    A closeup of Chloe on the red carpet

    In 2021, she KILLED IT as Lola from Shark Tale.

    A few days later, she made the perfect Betty Boop.

    Last year, her depiction of Storm from X-Men was so good...

    ...that Halle Berry (the OG Storm herself) gave the stamp of approval!

    Halle Berry / Twitter: @halleberry

    Today, the singer posted this year's costume, and it might just be my favorite yet.

    closeup of Chloe at an event

    Bend the knee for Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name!

    What a fun take! From the hair to the 'fit to the shoes, I love how she made the style her own. She looks STUNNING on that throne. And the dragon eggs are a nice touch.

    A bside-by-side closeup of Daenrys

    Plenty of people showed their love in the comments, including her sister, Halle, of course:

    Halle commented, "love this"

    One fan wrote, "A Lannister could never!"

    And this person summed it up nicely:

    what is halloween without clhoe bailey

    All hail the Mother of Dragons!