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    Beanie Feldstein Is Taking Over Hollywood, So Here Are Some Fun Facts You Should Know About Her

    I definitely did not know Beanie has a fear of colored tongues.

    You know Beanie Feldstein. She was absolutely hilarious in the instant classic Booksmart. She starred in the Broadway musical Hello Dolly! And now, she's playing Monica Lewinsky in Impeachment: American Crime Story.

    Beanie at the Oscars in a metallic off-the-shoulder gown with matching headband

    The 28-year-old is basically taking over Hollywood, and I love to see it! So, I thought it'd be cool to learn some fun facts about my new favorite actor:

    Beanie at the Academy Awards in a sequined halter dress with floral embellishments

    1. Beanie is the younger sister of Jonah Hill. Yes, that Jonah Hill!

    2. Her real name is Elizabeth.

    3. She met her partner, Bonnie Chance Roberts, on the set of How to Build a Girl.

    4. She's besties with Ben Platt, aka the star of Dear Evan Hansen.

    5. She's scared of colored tongues.

    6. She's a Ravenclaw.

    Beanie Feldstein / Twitter: @BeanieFeldstein

    Back in 2017, she tweeted the breakdown of how she fit into each house. Pretty much exactly what I'd expect!

    7. Her shopping weakness is backpacks.

    Beanie at the Toronto Film Festival in a floral satin tea-length dress and pearl headband

    8. She graduated from Wesleyan College with a sociology degree.

    9. She was a campus tour guide.

    10. If she didn't become an actor, she would run her own summer camp.

    11. She's in Maroon 5's music video for Girls Like You.

    12. She was nominated for her first Golden Globe for her role in Booksmart.

    Beanie's character yelling in a car with a friend on their graduation day

    13. If she could work with any celebrity, it would be Melissa McCarthy.

    14. At 9 years old, she developed nodules on her vocal chords and could no longer speak.

    15. And finally, she absolutely loves nail art.

    Can't wait to see what you do next, Beanie!