Bad Bunny And Rosalía Gave A Sizzling "SNL" Performance, And Now The Whole Internet Is Horny

    "Rosalía and Bad Bunny are serving the Gaga/Bradley Cooper scandal for the Latinx community!"

    Last night, Bad Bunny and Rosalía blessed us with one of the steamiest musical performances in the history of Saturday Night Live. Their chemistry was OFF THE CHARTS!

    Rosalia and Bad Bunny almost kissing in 4K

    Twitter: @pachidermi

    So here are 18 tweets if you can't get these two off your mind:


    Me after watching Rosalia and bad bunny almost kiss.

    Twitter: @hereeforthetea


    ROSALIA x Bad Bunny are serving the Gaga/Bradley Cooper scandal for the Latinx community!!!

    Twitter: @thekienster


    Twitter: @elconejobonito


    Bad bunny’s gf about to start singing driver’s license plssss #snl

    Twitter: @br0wneyedb1tch


    Not me getting so gassed up over Bad Bunny and ROSALIA’s performance right now #SNL

    Twitter: @DisasterMoviefa


    me not understanding a word bad bunny is saying but fan-girling anyway #snl

    Twitter: @ghost_realtor


    Bad Bunny’s girlfriend: “hey Rosalia, I just wanna talk...”

    Twitter: @DrOtaku2


    bad bunny and rosalia are in love i have proofs and 0 doubts

    Twitter: @svnbenito


    I want someone to look at me the way Bad Bunny looks at Rosalia 😩🥺

    Twitter: @teresa420_


    wtf I’m so h word bad bunny and Rosalia ate that

    Twitter: @ddlagustd


    inject this Bad Bunny x Rosalía performance right into my veins #SNL

    Twitter: @contodonetflix


    Gabriela after seeing Bad Bunny and Rosalia’s performance on SNL

    Twitter: @franzsco06


    Not me waiting for a Bad Bunny and Rosalia kiss #BadBunny #SNL

    Twitter: @summer0001


    bad bunny and rosalia’s performance on snl made me feel like i was interrupting something 😳

    Twitter: @SalupCid


    bad bunny & rosalia have def done some freaky shit together 😂

    Twitter: @jairsmoya


    i think it’s disrespectful that Bad Bunny and Rosalia arn’t my parents😃

    Twitter: @ericksray


    I know he has a girlfriend but I'm shipping Bad Bunny & Rosalia so hard after that performance of La Noche De Anoche ❤🔥😍🥰 #SNL

    Twitter: @summer0001


    Okay Bad Bunny x Rosalia coming in with the late Valentine’s chemistry. #SNL

    Twitter: @__scamlikely__

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