Fans Are Throwing Their Support Behind Adrienne Bailon After An Internet Troll Accused Her Of Plastic Surgery

    "This is the greatest compliment."

    You know Adrienne Bailon. Talented member of 3LW, one of my favorite Cheetah Girls, and former co-host of The Real.

    Adrienne Bailon posing on the red carpet in a halter dress and leather gloves

    Well! The TV personality recently showed off her vacation bikini looks in an Instagram video. As you can see, she looked beautiful as ever.

    People showered her with compliments in the comments, including Khloé Kardashian and Meagan Good.

    celeb comments praising her

    And her husband, Israel Houghton, had the sweetest words for her.

    BABY!!!! every single look was a show stopper. I love being able to push the stroller with you - you fine fine

    But there's always that one person who has something negative to say! This troll accused her of plastic surgery, writing, "Wow, you have a great surgeon."

    Adrienne replied, "Wow... this is the greatest compliment."

    She also wrote, "My surgeon is @nyricanmama." Aka Nilda Felix, her mom! LOL.

    Fans loved Adrienne's response and supported her in the comments. This person wrote that her beauty is "homegrown":

    This person said the troll is "insecure" because they'll never have a woman like Adrienne:

    This person agreed that Adrienne got it from her mama:

    And this person simply wrote, "The greatest clap back."

    Adrienne liked a comment from this person, who wrote, "First it was 'why she wearing baggy clothes 24/7' now she showing what was under the baggy clothes and now it's surgery?"

    And in a surprise plot twist, the troll themself returned to the comments to apologize!

    Hopefully they think twice about commenting on people's bodies in the future!