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    Here Are 21 Period Nightmares That Prove Periods Are The Absolute Worst

    "I had to pry my tampon out of that little bastard's mouth."

    We asked the members of the BuzzFeed Community for their most traumatic period horror stories and, wow, did they deliver! Here are the cringeworthy results:

    1. A Smelly Surprise

    2. The Period Puppy

    3. Worst Teacher of the Year Award

    4. Downward Dump

    5. The Red Wedding

    6. These Is Bloody Shoes

    7. Diaper Mom

    8. Mother Daughter Bonding

    9. Kiss Your Dreams Goodbye

    10. Boats and Blood

    11. A Reminder to Lock Your Door

    12. Seagull Heaven

    13. Red Velvet Lies

    14. World's Best Dad

    15. Red Wings

    16. Cambodian Nightmare

    17. The Accidental Nose Job

    18. McDonald's Is Not Lovin' It Anymore

    19. The Theatre Flop

    20. The Makeshift Bathroom

    21. And The Piggyback Fail

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.