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25 Ways Kids Troll Their Parents On A Daily Basis


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1. Their hands are never clean.

That #Awkward moment when your daughter wants to hold your face & give you kisses & you realize she has glue on her hands...#ParentProblems

2. They have no respect for boundaries.

Privacy? Never heard of it πŸ˜‚ #parentproblems

3. They never want to sleep.

If a toddler refuses to sleep during nap time, are they guilty of resisting a rest? #parentproblems

4. Seriously never.

5. When they do sleep, it's at the absolute worst possible time.

Sitting in the van at my inlaws doing #gradschool work so my son can continue his nap. #parentproblems @akrseggerman

6. They have horrible taste in television.

I sat down in my chair and turned the TV on, 10 minutes later I realized I was watching Team Unizoomi. #parentproblems

7. And music.

Singing along to a song on my @Spotify then realise it's a theme song to a crappy American Disney channel program! #shameful #parentproblems

8. THIS.

Parents of very young boys can feel my pain right now 😬😀 #aregirlsjustasbad #parentproblems #lookslikewewereburgled

9. They fall hard.

Jason's too infatuated with his stuffed pig toy to sleep. #parentproblems

10. They dress themselves terribly.

This kid fights me tooth and nail putting his real tie on, goes and gets his own tie... #parentproblems

11. They ask questions.

Calls & texts from sons religion teacher. #FacePalm son has reached age of reason I guess. #CatholicProblems #ParentProblems

12. They want to play with your stuff.

This is the aftermath of giving a 7 year old eye liner @abbyLFR #ParentProblems

13. They put food in weird places.

Actual phrase uttered in our house this weekend: "Now we have to get the cake out of your penis." #parentproblems

14. They love mornings.

7.45am on a Saturday morning&I've already done 2 loads of washing. What has my life turned into #parentproblems

15. They're freaking expensive.

Having children is expensive!!! Don't do unless you can afford it!! Paying this just made me 😷😷😷😷 #parentproblems

16. Frozen.

#parentproblems - how hard it is not to sing along to let it go when the 3yo has decreed we are listening in silence.

17. They're slow.

#parentproblems #imawaitthisoneout #youretakingforever

18. They're shitty travelers.

Son treated us to the toddler trifecta on the plane ride home: Crying. Screaming. Puking. #LongestThreeHoursOfMyLife #ParentProblems

19. They ask for help with stuff you don't know the answers to.

For anyone who has a 3rd grader, you know, there is no longer one path or one right answer. #newmath #parentproblems

20. They wake up so easily.

Darth Daddy #jokeoftheday #darthvader #parentproblems #PowComics

21. They wake you up.

I love when Mini Me comes in at midnight and tells me she can't sleep. I WAS sleeping until she came in. #parentproblems

22. They're on to you.

Put a nanny cam in my one-and-a-half-year-old's room. She keeps waving at it. Don't know if I should be proud or concerned. #parentproblems

23. Earworms.

Is there anything more annoying than having the Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood theme song stuck in your head at 12:30am?! #parentproblems

24. They don't care about your credentials.

4 years ago I got a Masters degree. Today my daughter threw up and I can't find it. #parenting #parentproblems

25. They know you can't stay mad at them.

Feeling like a zombie. #sleepdebt #parentproblems #parenthoodprep

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