We Asked Parents All The Questions That Make Them Squirm

    BuzzFeed Life asked over 200,000 parents about everything from homeschooling to elective C-section.

    We used BuzzFeed's "highly scientific" polling function to find out how parents really feel about the most controversial topics in parenting.

    1. Can a child get a well-rounded social and academic experience through homeschooling?

    2. Is it appropriate for a baby to be breastfed in public?

    3. Is it appropriate to circumcise newborn boys?

    4. Would you spank your child?

    5. Would you let your baby cry it out?

    6. Do you vaccinate your children?

    7. Should drugs be administered for pain during childbirth?

    8. Would you schedule an elective C-section for the birth of your child?

    9. Is it OK for grade school-aged children to drink soda/caffeine?

    10. Do you think the Common Core standards are an improvement on the way you learned math?

    11. Do you share photos of your kids online?

    12. Do you allow your children unsupervised access to social media?

    13. Do you co-sleep with your children?

    14. Do you allow your kids to swear at home?

    15. Is it ever appropriate to discipline someone else's child?

    16. Is it ever appropriate to put your kid on a leash?