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    This Is Why Parents Are Totally Allowed To Confiscate Candy

    Like when your kid goes as a bat and wants to be carried around upside down all night.

    Halloween is NOT all sunshine and roses for parents.

    Oh, you don't believe me? You think it's just about Jimmy Kimmel making children cry?

    No. It is a reckoning of epic proportions.

    Instagrammer Ilana Wiles has captured the struggle perfectly with her @averageparentproblems account:

    I mean, so relatable.

    Yep, that sounds about right.

    Classic Halloween for parents.

    Those eyes tell the scary truth.

    Oh, you didn't want to throw your back out? Too bad.

    That sound you hear is a $29 Thor hammer hitting the floor.

    Hope you're good at improvising.

    Because your kid is not here for Halloween cuteness.

    Happy Stealing-Candy-From-A-Baby day!


    It's the least they can give you in return, honestly.

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