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This Artist Mashed Up Classic Album Covers With Star Wars Characters

May the Björk be with you.

Stephen Lear is a life-long Star Wars fan from London, England. He's also a pretty nerdherdingly awesome graphic artist.

Big Machine / Stephen Lear

Like, wuuuuuuuuuut?

And he's making the freaking awesomest Star Wars themed album cover mash-ups you've ever seen.

Warner Bros Records / Stephen Lear

Lear told BuzzFeed that the project started naturally: "I was managing a record store, and as a way to promote the shop, I inserted the company logo into images of whatever the new release was for that week."

RCA / Stephen Lear

"As the ideas dried up with the company logo, I decided to create my own work — but this time mashing up movies and album covers."

Parlophone / Stephen Lear

Star Wars puns were easy for me as far as finding inspiration and thinking of ideas."

Interscope / Stephen Lear

All your faves are there.

Geffen / Stephen Lear

Stephen explained that while most works take a couple of hours, some can take days.

Atlantic Records / Stephen Lear

"Some have even taken weeks such as the Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band ones I have done. The idea is always the hardest part."

Parlophone / Stephen Lear

Honestly, perfection.

Warner Brothers / Stephen Lear

The London-based artist actually printed up t-shirts of some of his favorite works.

Virgin / Stephen Lear

The force is strong with this one.

Columbia Records / Stephen Lear

So simple. So brillz.

EMI / Stephen Lear

No reference left behind.

Virgin / Stephen Lear

Nothing but respect for MY general.

One Little Indian / Stephen Lear

He's got plenty of other great pop-culture stuff too, but let's be honest, this is a time when we only care about Star Wars.

Reprise Records / Stephen Lear

May the force be with you, Stephen, and keep you awesome.

RCA / Stephen Lear

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