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Things That Will Only Make Sense If You're A Weight Fluctuator

No, it's not my hair that's different.

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1. People you don't see that often usually don't recognize you.


...maybe there's a reason you don't see them that often.

2. Your closet has size separator tags.


3. You don't throw away your "skinny" jeans, because you *know* they'll fit again one day.

4. Same goes for your "curvy" jeans.

5. No, like, you literally don't get rid of clothes.


What? The Christmas ornaments? Oh, they're behind that wall of clothes from high school.

6. And then of course, when they fit again, they're absurdly out of style.

7. You're probs a lifetime member of weight watchers.


Pro-tip: set that goal low, get that membership card.

8. Sometimes you change nothing, but drop two sizes.


9. Other times you work out like a celebrity before awards season and...nothing.


10. You have a LOT of yoga pants.

They're flexible.

11. You untag yourself from photos that don't match your current weight.

Warner Bros

It's less annoying than getting 10 notifications a day about your body.

"OMG, I barely recognized you!"

12. You've probably had a pair of pants either rip or fall down at the worst possible moment.

Either way, undies for all to see.

13. There's always that one person who can't help but call it out.


Yes, I used to be a different size. The human body is WILD.

14. You always get to pick a new favorite body part.

Republic Records

15. Body shaming comes in all sizes.


I've been told to "eat a sandwich" and asked if I "really need that brownie." Either way, it's literally none of your business (unless your business is being my personal dietician.)

16. But ultimately, it doesn't matter because you love you at any size.


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