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    Wendy Williams, WTF Are You Thinking?

    The talk show host hit out at #metoo and #muteRKelly in a "Hot Topics" segment that has Twitter buzzing.

    You know Wendy Williams. Shock jock, endlessly problematic, basically a walking gif?


    Well, during Thursday's "Hot Topic" segment of her show, Williams came after the #metoo movement not once, but twice.


    Fact check: Aaliyah's parents reportedly did not sign off on the marriage; the pair lied about Aaliyah's age to obtain the marriage certificate. According to Rolling Stone, her family was "furious."

    Williams also questioned the efficacy of the #MuteRKelly movement, which even she had to concede has succeeded in convincing venues to cancel multiple performances on Kelly's touring schedule.


    “What is this, ten years too late?” Williams asked her audience.

    R. Kelly was the subject of a BuzzFeed investigation that found he is allegedly keeping an unknown number of teen girls against their will while their parents fight for their return.


    Williams went on to defend the singer's infamous sex tape, before alleging that the young girl featured in that tape "let it go down."


    Before ending her seemingly pro-Kelly rant, Williams briefly acknowledged that the singer was sick, quickly moving on.

    Twitter was here for none of it.

    @WendyWilliams What do you mean she allowed it to happen?! The girl in the video was a child! This was statutory ra…

    None. Of. It.

    Wendy Williams defense of R Kelly on her morning show is the same argument used by Roy Moore supporters. Disgustin…

    Shani Harris pointed out #metoo's origins a decade ago:

    @Bossip Glad of the movement @TaranaBurke #metoo was inspired to help R Kelly victims. Can you believe…

    But Wendy wasn't done. About eight minutes later she declared, "I'm sick of this #metoo movement."


    She continued: “I love that people are speaking up for the first time and coming out but I look at all men like you’re a ‘me too,’ all of em, all of em, which is not fair.”

    Wendy. WENDY.


    ^ actual audience member ^

    #MeToo founder Tarana Burke weighed in via a Twitter thread as well.

    Watch the full clip below.

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