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Jul 29, 2017

Pick Some Lies To Tell Your Kid And We'll Tell You How Bad You're Fucking Them Up

You DO have a therapy fund for them, right?

Y'all ready for this? Get your fire extinguishers ready and let's jump in.

  1. Your toddler gets a boner (happens) and wants to know what's up. Your response?

    baona/Getty Images

    Pun yes intended – obviously – how could I not.

  2. Your 7-year-old wakes up and wants to know why you and your spouse are naked in the living room.

    SIphotography/Getty Images
  3. You're coming up with a plan to cut down on that dreaded SCREEN TIME.
    Is it:

    SIphotography/Getty Images
  4. Your carpool introduced your kid to your least favorite station. Your damage control looks like:

    SIphotography/Getty Images
  5. Now your kid wants to know what it means when Ed Sheeran sings "I'm in love with your body."

    liza5450/Getty Images

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