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    Twitter Came For Brie Larson After She Complained About An Interaction With The TSA

    "I have often made fun of the sex robot thing. When women are mad that the robots win out remember that it’s crap like this that helped them," one user responded.

    On Thursday, Academy Award Winner and reasonable human being Brie Larson tweeted about an encounter she'd had with a TSA agent.

    Twitter: @brielarson

    The tweet reads: "I merely smiled at a TSA agent and he asked for my phone number. To live life as a woman is to live life on the defense."

    And holy crap, the responses were freakin' wild.


    Naturally, there was the flood of tweets that Brie was over-reacting:

    Those who mocked her:

    And those who did both.

    "Snowflake" got thrown around:

    And she was called an attention-seeker:

    And y'know, other regular, rational stuff.

    Others were just as quick to come to Brie's defense:

    Some related to her experience:

    While others were there to just listen.

    Larson currently has this statement pinned to her Twitter page:

    Twitter: @brielarson

    "What you are saying is 'I was asking for it' - a phrase that has disregarded a female's experience for....the whole time." – @brielarson

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images