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Moms, Tell Us Your Best Tips For Giving Birth

What tips and tricks do you wish you'd known going into childbirth?

Perineal massage? Lemon popsicles? Counter pressure? There are so many things that can make your hospital stay (aka, squeezing out a baby) just a little more comfortable.

BuzzFeed Video long as you can figure out what those things are. ;)

From what snacks to sneak in, to what to avoid, we want to hear it all.


What did you do to survive the happiest day of your life?

BuzzFeed Video

...And what do you wish you'd known going in to it?

BuzzFeed Video

I didn't know about third degree tearing, that's for sure. #youliveyoulearn #ouch

So spill it, moms. Share your best labor tips and tricks below for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed post!


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