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    15 Incredibly Satisfying Head Explosions To Get You Through These Absurd Times

    Mind: Blown.

    1. When someone is having a very loud cell phone conversation in a confined public space.

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    2. When you miss the light because the guy in front of you was on his phone. AND YOU'RE ALREADY LATE.


    3. When you get to work and realize you forgot your cell phone.


    4. When a group of people walk side-by-side on the sidewalk so no one can pass them.


    5. When the person next to you on the airplane won't stop talking.

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    6. When someone has their phone on full volume while they're playing a game on the subway.


    7. When something good happens to someone you hate.

    20th Century Fox Video

    It's okay to admit it. Let it out.

    8. When you lay down for the night and your dog/child/drunk friend needs to be cared for STAT.

    "I'll be right there...."

    9. When you have to order a gluten-free pizza for that one friend and they they only eat one slice.

    Warner Brothers

    You know who I'm talking about.

    10. When someone doesn't change the toilet paper roll and you don't notice until it's...too late.

    Warner Bros

    11. When someone litters right in front of you.

    Disney / Via

    C'mon man!

    12. When someone is running 20+ minutes late and they don't text to let you know until the time you're supposed to meet.

    CBS Films

    Dude, I could have been shopping.

    13. When someone's parking job is so shitty their compact car is taking up two spaces in a full lot.

    Old Spice

    14. When you can feel the breath of the person in line behind you on your neck.

    Twentieth Century Fox

    15. When the drama is just too good.

    Castle Rock Entertainment

    16. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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