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I Pranked My In-Laws With Rachel's Thanksgiving Trifle And It Did Not Taste Like Feet

Honestly, they should have been suspicious when I offered to make anything.

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And it's not just me. My husband can recite it like a pro. And so can his sister. And his mom talks about the characters like extended family. Like, when we're all together we basically just speak in Friends references.


It wasn't easy, guys. These people are Friends savants. I knew the moment I mentioned the word trifle they'd be on to me faster than you can say "we were on a break."


Plus, my husband asked what I was making, and I could barely say "trifle" with a straight face.

But I was determined to pull this off. I used extra layers to buffer the beef, hoping to hide it while serving. Also, I didn't use a clear trifle dish. We were going for maximum prankage here, people, not aesthetic accuracy.


And beef and peas immediately started pouring out everywhere. Peas were rolling across the table. There was no hiding anything. Look at me frantically sculpting that thing to keep the mystery alive.

Morgan Shanahan

This entire time my father-in-law is asking "Is that beef? Is that beef?!"


My sister-in-law was surprised to find herself a fan. She, like me, didn't let a single lady finger go to waste.

Morgan Shanahan

Tbh, we ended up scraping off the beef layer and putting a good dent in the rest of the trifle.