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    Olivia Wilde Got Dragged For Kissing Her Son, And OMG Just STFU With The Mom-Shame Already

    STOP IT.

    Like so many parents, actress and awesome person Olivia Wilde is holding on to the love of her children to keep her going through the garbage fire that is life right now.

    And so this week she posted a photo of her giving her son a smooch and captioned: "Finding hope in this."

    But she's a mom. On the internet. Nothing could keep the judgement wave from coming.

    People went Freudian.

    (Just for reference, here's a picture of Olivia kissing her fiancé, Jason Sudekis.)

    Others turned it political...

    Idk, is it?

    But many felt Olivia's message.

    Olivia, you keep doing you...

    And more importantly, never stop giving us 'grams like this: