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    Posted on Apr 26, 2017

    Facts That Will Be Truly Upsetting To '90s Girls

    You can stop raising the roof now.

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    1. Daria officially turned 20 years old this year...

    2. did Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Sony Television

    3. And in news that will leave you totally buggin': Alicia Silverstone plays the mom in the next Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie.

    20th Century Fox

    And yup, that's Tom Everett Scott playing the dad.

    4. If Bart Simpson aged like a real person, he could be feeding his shorts to his own kids now. He'd be 38 years old today.

    Fox Television

    Bart was 10 years old on The Simpsons’ first episode in 1989.

    5. Jonathan Taylor Thomas (who, of course, voiced young Simba) is now older than Matthew Broderick was when he voiced adult Simba.

    Brenda Chase / Getty Images

    Broderick was 32 years old when The Lion King was released, while JTT is 35 years old today.

    6. Steve Urkel is 40 years old today...

    Fotos International / Getty Images

    7. .....and Emma Bunton is 41. (BABY SPICE, dudes. THE BABIEST SPICE.)

    Sony Music

    8. Speaking of the Spice Girls, their debut album dropped 21 years ago!

    Sony Music

    9. In six years, Britney Spears will be eligible for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

    Sony Music

    Artists are eligible for induction 25 years after the release of their first record or single. "...Baby One More Time" will be turn 25 in 2023.

    10. You were saving up your money for these nail polishes and rings (of course) 22 years ago:

    Hard Candy

    ~ Cries, still wants them ~

    11. Calling something "the bomb" is now as obsolete as when your parents said "far out."


    Basically the '90s are to today's kids what the '70 was to us.

    12. If That ’70s Show debuted today and was set the same number of years in the past as it was during its debut, it’d be called That ’90s Show and would take place in 1995.

    Fox Television

    The series, which started in 1998, took place 22 years earlier, in 1976. So in the "show" they'd probably be in Eric's basement getting high and watching Reality Bites and Jurassic Park.

    13. Not freaking out? Well, Freaks and Geeks could take place 1998. Which is only ONE year before the show actually premiered in 1999.


    The series took place 19 years earlier, in the 1980–81 school year.

    14. Most kids graduating high school today were born in 1999, which is a year after TRL first aired.

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    TBH, they probably don't remember ever having to watch a music video on TV.

    15. They're also younger than all these CLASSIC albums:

    WMG, Sony Music, UMG

    All of these albums were released in 1998.

    16. You were watching My So-Called Life the year Justin Bieber was freaking born.

    ABC Television

    FYI: Rayanne is now a real-life countess!!! She basically lives at Downton Abbey.

    17. That same year (1994) CK One was released.

    Calvin Klein

    A fragrance for a man...or a woman. Just be.

    18. It's been so long since you wore these iconic logo tees that they've circled back again:

    Yup, the kids today are basically buying your high school wardrobe.

    19. Weezer is now playing on the oldies station.

    Twitter: @CrazyGirlEmy

    Yep. They destroyed your sweater 23 years ago.

    20. It's been 20 years since Bikini Kill called it quits.

    21. The first issue of Teen People came out 19 years ago, when you were an actual teenager.

    People Magazine

    And the last issue came out 11 years ago.

    22. And your favorite, YM, hasn't been published in 13 years.


    That is an entire of generation of teens who have grown up without the wisdom of YM!!!

    23. It's been 20 years since Rose could've totally made room on the door for Jack.


    Yup, Titanic is TWO decades old and Jack is 10 decades dead!!!!

    24. And 1977–1997 is equal to 1997–2017. We're also closer to 2030 than we are to 1997. We'll give you a second.


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