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    This Is How You Can Block Caillou From Showing Up On Netflix

    It's actually super easy.

    It's no secret that parents can't stand Calliou.

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    If you've ever come into contact with the parent of a preschooler you've probably heard the news.

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    You used to be able to mark shows "not interested" and be done with it, but then Netflix changed their interface. Oh the humanity.

    So we checked in with Netflix customer service.

    Are they great or what? So perky. So conversational.

    Here's the TL;DR: Rating a program "1 star" will automatically remove it from ALL OF YOUR MENUS.

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    1. Navigate to in your web browser.

    2. Search for Caillou.

    3. Rate the show a "1" on the star scale.

    4. Sit back and enjoy your life just a little bit more.


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