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    24 Childhood Dreams Brought To Life

    German photographer Jan Von Holleben creates magical worlds with his camera.

    1. Finding a long-lost treasure.

    "The Diver"

    2. Leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

    "The Superman"

    3. Floating through outer space.

    "The Astronauts"

    4. Swashbuckling on the open seas.

    "The Pirates"

    5. Just floating.

    "The Balloon Flyer"

    6. Taking off with your best friend.

    "The Dog Rider"

    7. Sprouting wings.

    "The Butterflies"

    8. Running away with the circus.

    "The Acrobats"

    9. Taking flight.

    "The Wizards"

    10. Going on a magic carpet ride.

    "The Aladdin"

    11. Swimming with dolphins.

    "The Flipper"

    12. Tilling your own soil.

    "The Gardener"

    13. Fearlessness towards ghosts.

    "The Ghostbusters"

    14. Running amok.

    "The Giants"

    15. Pie for life.

    "The Apple Raid"

    16. Never growing up.

    "The Peter Pan"

    17. Waxing on, waxing off.

    "The Karate Kid"

    18. Being larger than life.

    "The King Kong"

    19. Being as strong as your father.

    "The Luke Skywalker"

    20. Becoming a nightwalker.

    "The Dracula"

    21. Riding off into the sunset on a mission.

    "The Riders"

    22. Being wild.

    "The Tarzan"

    23. One giant leap.

    "The Jumpers"

    24. Launching rockets, and not letting go.

    "The Rocketeers"

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