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Everyone Needs To See This Ariana Grande Fan Dancing To "Focus" Because It Will Save You

Life is being lived.

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Ariana Grande, currently touring Southeast Asia, tweeted what is honestly the most relatable dance-video of a fan to ever grace the internet.

The pop star was performing her song "Focus" in Bangkok a few nights ago, and things were getting too fucking iconic. After taking a moment to gather himself, one overwhelmed stan came 👏 to 👏 life👏.

The tweet captures only a clip of a 15 second Instagram story by one Doug Middlebrook, Ariana Stan Extraordinaire, which gives you just a little more amazingness to soak in.

Twitter: @honeymoonshay

The video was originally posted on twitter by user @honeymoonshay, who told BuzzFeed she shared it as soon as she saw it on Instagram.


By the following morning Grande had shared the deadly choreography on her own Instagram story, and later, her Twitter, so the entire fandom (and probably the world) could relate to it.

@ArianaGrande I can't believe an 11 second video represents the entire fandom


Now here's the video for "Focus" so you, too, can free yourself.

View this video on YouTube

Luv ur hair, bb.