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    31 Parents Share The Funniest Thing Their Kid Has Ever Said Or Done

    Kids are hilarious.

    The BuzzFeed Community asked readers to spill on the funniest things the kids in their lives have ever said or done, and whoa did they deliver.

    1. "Awkward."

    During a doctor's visit, the urologist asked my 3-year-old son to pull his pants and underwear down. When she went to examine him he looked at her and said "awkward".

    - Jessica Button, Facebook

    2. Silly mommy...

    My 2-year-old daughter walked in while I was getting out of the shower. She looked at me and says "Mama, you're silly. You have a beard on your gina." I about died.

    - Valerie Vauclair, Facebook

    3. Mister mister.

    We bought a water "mister" for our backyard. My son asked "What do you call it if it's a girl?"

    - Amy Robinson Vogel, Facebook

    4. Bottoms up!

    My friend was having a hard time getting her daughter to drink water. At lunch one day the little one loudly exclaimed that "drinking makes mummy happy".

    - Sarah Kerby, Facebook

    5. The smell of freedom.

    At a birthday party recently my 6-year-old cousin came up to me while eating cake, waved a plate in my face and said, "Josie, the air smells like freedom."

    - Josephine Rose Gilchrist, Facebook

    6. Rules are rules.

    We were on a city bus, sitting next to two elderly women. My 3-year-old chose that moment to announce loudly, "I'm not supposed to play with myself in the bathtub. I need to wait 'til I'm in my bedroom aaaaaall alone!"

    - angels4d4906ef4

    7. Language development.

    Around the age of 2 my daughter was pointing at the kitchen counter yelling "what the fuck" over and over. I walked closer to the counter that she was screaming at and noticed that her new "big girl" utensils were up there. Turns out she just wanted the fork.

    - tresk

    8. The struggle is real.

    My twin sons came running to me in a panic…and one says, "Ma! I CANNOT SEE MY EYES!"

    - sweetshugbaby

    9. Chocolate or vanilla?

    I was breastfeeding my newborn son one day, when my 4-year-old daughter asked if one boob made chocolate milk and the other made white.

    - chrissyh4423f5524

    10. A matter of preference.

    My nephew recently informed me that squirrels eat acorns because they don't like Mexican food.

    - lizzys6

    11. King of Pop Heaven.

    My mom was explaining heaven to my 5-year-old niece, telling her one day she'd see her great-grandmother there. My niece replied, "Yeah and I can go see Michael Jackson too."

    - deloress4fd3fd7bb

    12. Body talk.

    One night after dinner, my 5-year-old ran past and let out a huge fart that stopped him in his tracks. He turned to us and said, "Sorry, that was my butt saying thanks for the food!"

    - tiffanyandersons

    13. Garnish with a side of drama.

    About halfway through a spaghetti dinner my 3-year-old daughter asked what the green stuff on the pasta was. When I told her it was parsley, she threw up her hands and said, "Well, I've never had it before, and now. My life. Is ruined."

    - christinehoros

    14. The linguist.

    My 7-year-old was convinced she could speak Spanish thanks to Dora. One day at a Mexican restaurant the waitress said "Gracias!" and with all the conviction in the world my daughter responded "Piñata!"

    - abbyn4b61db9b2

    15. Vocational school.

    I'm a preschool teacher, and the other day a little girl was standing next to me and stroking my eyebrow with her finger. When I asked what she was doing she said, "I'm your eyebrow petter."

    - emilyc48bc555db

    16. Free association.

    I was trying to get my kids to smile for pictures at the photo studio so I said "chocolate pickles!" My 6-year-old son grinned and yelled back "Chocolate boobies!"

    - pepperjess87

    17. Misdiagnosis.

    I was resting inside at a family party when my niece came in to check on me. I told her I didn't feel well, that I had bad cramps. She then went outside and announced to everyone that "Aunt Kim doesn't want to come to the party because she has CRABS, really bad ones!"

    - kimberlyb4dc0e387e

    18. Future dog groomer.

    My 3-year-old came inside and announced "I peed outside." My husband asked if his underwear was wet and my son proudly replied, "Nope, I peed on Luna. It was like a shower for her."

    Luna is our Saint Bernard.

    - Amber Lynn Morris, Facebook

    19. The chill zone.

    My 3-year-old daughter climbed on my lap wearing a dress but no panties. I told her she needed to put on some underwear and she looked at me and said, "My vagina's like, 'I'm just gonna chill.'"

    And when she talked for her vagina, it had a deep voice. Like a man.

    - natalieanastasiag

    20. Sharing is caring.

    When my daughter was 6-years-old I was pregnant with my second child. We explained to her that my egg and her daddy's sperm made her, and my egg and her step dad's sperm made the baby. My daughter's response? "That's really nice that you gave them each a turn."

    - cristinar40dc0464f

    21. This little piggy...

    One day my 4-year-old was upstairs and yelled, "ouch!" When I asked what happened he yelled down to me, "I stubbed my toe! The one that ate roast beef!".

    - jennmemolic

    22. Fresh from the North Pole.

    When my daughter was 3 she did a really big poop on the potty. I asked her where all that came from. She very proudly announced "Santa got me that for Christmas!"

    - angelag4752f1e4b

    23. Reassurance.

    One day my daughter leaned in and said to me, "Don't worry mommy, I love you and would never kill you."

    - kathygreeleyc

    24. Anatomy class.

    My 6-year-old daughter had her appendix out. When the stitches were removed, there was a catheter in her abdomen, sticking up. She looked down and proudly announced: "Goodbye appendix, hello penis!"

    - jules664

    25. Balancing act.

    I used to teach pre-schoolers. One day I was sitting on the floor with a 3-year-old squatting next to me. She's talking and talking and suddenly she just falls over. She gets up, looks at me, and says "That wasn't supposed to happen."

    - shannbelieve

    26. Fashion advice.

    I was getting dressed while my 5-year-old was standing behind me. With a very concerned look on his face he sighed and said, "Aww mommy you need new underwear, yours are all broken."

    I wear thongs...

    - Denise Mendoza, Facebook

    27. Dietary restrictions.

    My 5-year-old daughter is a vegan. One day I caught her picking her nose and eating it and told her to stop. Her reply: "Why, are buggers not vegan?"

    - Jessica Masterson, Facebook

    28. Full disclosure.

    We were in an elevator at a hotel going to the pool. It was me, my 5-year-old son, a teenage boy, and his dad. Suddenly, my son announces, "My mom isn't usually half naked, we're going swimming."

    - amandas41fb36e3a

    29. Obedience training.

    Putting my son to bed one night he stroked my face, looked at me lovingly, and whispered in my ear that I was a "stupid dog".

    - Emma Tasker, Facebook

    30. The closet cropduster.

    One day I caught my two year old daughter playing in my closet. She was hiding and all I saw were her little feet. I asked her what she was doing and she replied, "oh, I'm just farting in your closet," in this nonchalant, toddler tone...

    - Pamela Quigley, Facebook

    31. Little snitch.

    When my son was in his first year of Cub Scouts, they took a field trip to the police station. Towards the end of the tour, a police officer started showing the kids everything he carried on his belt. When he got to the handcuffs, my son announced, "My mom and dad have some of those!"

    - Jeff Mueller, Facebook

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