25 Ways To Seriously Upgrade Your Family's Backyard

    The longer your kids are outside the less mess you have to clean inside.

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    1. Build a slide into your landscaping!

    2. Or use your rustic back area to create a tire swing set.

    3. This is the ultimate in home bowling.

    4. Create your own custom lanterns.

    5. Or build a zen fountain.

    6. Enjoy your fountain from this simple DIY bench.

    7. You can make your own fancy outdoor kitchen.

    8. Or build yourselves an outdoor theater.

    9. Don't have room for a fire pit, but still craving s'mores?

    10. Plant upwards.

    11. Customize this family monogram.

    12. Growing corn in a pot is a thrill for those young and old.

    13. Build an above ground pool that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

    14. Never run out of things to do.

    15. Imagine your whole yard as a giant maze.

    16. Tire swings are tired. Build a skate swing!

    17. Finally, a twister board that won't move!

    18. Make your own massive, hose-off chalk board!

    19. Keep the grown-up toys conveniently out of reach.

    20. Keep a cart filled with outdoor activities that can easily be rolled indoors when weather insists.

    21. Upcycle just about anything onto a music wall.

    22. Create a sensory path for littles to explore.

    23. This genius sandbox cover doubles as seating.

    24. This no-fade hopscotch board is made from painted pavers.

    25. And of course, don't forget to make the food!