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    19 Leprechaun Traps Guaranteed To Win St. Patrick's Day

    Rumor has it that if you nab one they'll lead you to their gold.

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    1. What leprechaun wouldn't want to visit this lovely house?

    2. Nom nom nom.

    3. Reverse psychology. Pretty smart, kid.

    4. What leprechaun doesn't want to go to "pyredise?"

    5. And the award for "Best Use Of A Trash Can" goes to...

    6. Stick it to 'em, kids.

    7. Beware of the three leaf clover, leprechauns.

    8. Leprechauns aren't safe in the yard, either.

    9. The leprechaun will never see it coming.

    10. Spoiler alert, leprechaun: There's no dinner, and there's no gold.

    11. Butterflies and flowers and gold... oh my!

    12. This trap might snag a fairy or two as well.

    13. There are terrarium traps, too.

    14. When this one is built it's going to be epic.

    15. This one can even catch a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

    16. More reverse psychology guaranteed to net a leprechaun.

    17. Something tells me Nolan's going to get himself a leprechaun.

    18. When this kid catches a leprechaun she's going to keep it for a pet!

    19. If it seems too good to be true, leprechauns...

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