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Yara Shahidi Reacting To These Crazy College Horror Stories Is Hilarious AF

What happens in college, stays in college.

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Yara Shahidi is kicking off her 2018 with the new TV series Grown-ish – and this Black-ish spinoff has Yara's character living her best college life, which isn't too far off from her real life. Yara will soon be heading to Harvard University IRL, so to get her ready for the college experience we had her read some hilariously crazy college horror stories.

Like the refrigerator surprise:

Jade Elliott / BuzzFeed

College horror story: As an RA, we had to stay at the dorms for a few days after the residents had left for the holidays and clean up. While cleaning the community fridge, we had found that one of the freshman biology students had decided to store their dead, dissected lab rat alongside everyone's food.

Jade Elliott / BuzzFeed

Yara Shahidi's reaction: How considerate. That's amazing. The thing is, I've never stored a rat in our fridge, but I am infamous for having little experiments that I do and popping it in the fridge in regular containers. So, people get so surprised, like "What in the world is this?!" Umm...because I used to use all of that really organic, expensive food and mix it all together and do some chemical reaction with it. And there were plenty of times of having to tell my brothers that that wasn't food and not to eat it. So, I can kinda relate.

And the sleepwalking nightmare:

Jade Elliott / BuzzFeed

College horror story: I found out my first week of freshman year that my roommate was a sleepwalker. In the middle of the night she suddenly jumped on my bed and wiped her arms across my mattress cover. I screamed so loud it startled her, but not enough to wake her up. I asked her what was going on and she replied, "I'm sorry, I spilled my milk all over you and I needed to wipe it." I did not sleep at all that night.

Jade Elliott / BuzzFeed

Yara Shahidi's reaction: Okay my question is, did she actually spill milk? Or was she imagining it? Is this a Black Mirror episode? Oh that's interesting. I wonder – I wonder how the rest of the year went, though? I wanna know if this was only a couple of nights in, do you just get used to it?

Watch more of the hilarious horror stories in the full video below.

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