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17 Yara Shahidi-Inspired Hairstyles All Curl Queens Should Try

"I love the fact that my hair can be intimidating at times."

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She's also getting her own spinoff show on Freeform called Grownish.

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That alone makes her an inspiration, but I can't use that word with Yara without talking about her style choices as well.

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And in a recent interview with Seventeen, Yara breaks down the genuine love she has for her natural curls and why they're such a big part of her life.

I feel like my curls have always been a part of who I am. They are a very real representation of the mix of my two cultures. When you’re a part of a minority of any kind, you’re told not to take up much space, but my hair does that, so there’s nothing I can do except take up the space with it. It gives me confidence…I love the fact that my hair can be intimidating at times.

So, to shine a light on that beautiful mane of hers, here's a roundup of some of the most fabulous ways Yara styles her curls:




And once you're done obsessing over these looks, check out the rest of Yara Shahidi's interview with Seventeen, here.