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Which Iconic Meagan Good Character Matches Your Personality?

Are you more Cicely or Coco?

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Meagan Good has been gracing our screens since she was a child, and now she's making her co-directorial debut with her new film If Not Now, When?

To celebrate, we had Meagan take a fun quiz with us over Zoom to find out which iconic Meagan Good character truly matches her personality.

Meagan Good smiling during a BuzzFeed Celeb interview
BuzzFeed Celeb

She had an idea of which character she might be linked to, but did her results actually match? Find out by watching our video below!

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BuzzFeed Celeb

And now you can take the quiz too! Answer these random questions and tell us your results in the comments:

  1. How would your friends describe you?

  2. Pick a former costar to go to lunch with:

  3. Pick some post-COVID plans:

  4. Choose a hairstyle:

  5. Pick a movie genre to star in:

  6. Now pick a TV show to binge:

  7. Lastly, which app could you do without?

Be sure to check out If Not Now, When? when it hits theaters and on demand on Jan. 8, as well as Meagan's other new film, Monster Hunter, in theaters now!

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