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    13 Strange Compliments That People Have Received And Don't Know What To Do With

    I think I should be flattered...?

    Reddit user Weird-hat recently asked the Reddit community about the "strangest compliments" they've ever received and the responses did not disappoint.

    Here are some highlights:

    1. “You’ve got delightful cleavage.” — ApatheticAllurement

    Paramount Pictures

    2. "What a delectable booby gap you've got." — i_fuckin_luv_it_mate

    Tefim / Getty Images

    3. “I like your nostrils.” — CrusaderNo287


    4. "You look ripe." — mendosus

    Wundervisuals / Getty Images

    5. "You've got nice veins." — WayointSierra


    6. "I would fuck your hair." — ThorSparklesOdinson

    Apexgrid / Getty Images

    7. "Your earlobes are cute." — Zelcsis


    8. "You have the clearest eye whites. Most people's eye whites are red or veiny, but yours are very bright and clear." — carliway

    Talia Ali / Getty Images

    9. “I like your collarbone, very seeable.” — Iwanthegreyjoy


    10. "Your voice would be perfect for Khan Academy or something." — anaconda186

    Mangostar_studio / Getty Images

    11. "You're pretty much a real life fairy tale." — SuzQP


    12. "Your posture is attractive." — Haha_hey

    Zdenkam / Getty Images

    13. "You look like a secret agent." — mamaure


    Have you ever received an unconventional or weird compliment? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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