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    From Your Dirty Mind To His Mouth: A Proposed Threesome, Throat Olympics, And More Of Tyler Lepley's Thirst Tweets

    Insert awkward laughter here.

    We're going, going, back, back to Harlem, Harlem! And it's all for Tyler Lepley!

    Tyler Lepley attends Prime Video's "Harlem" Season 2 Exclusive Los Angeles Screening

    To celebrate Season 2 of Harlem on Prime Video, we sat down with one of our favorite New York characters — Tyler, who plays Ian — to see just how messy he can really be. That's right, we sat him down to read your filthy Thirst Tweets!

    And while we kept it light in the beginning to test him...

    Tyler Lepley reading Thirst Tweets

    ...things quickly took a turn for the THIRST.

    Tyler Lepley reading Thirst Tweets

    Let's just say he was NOT prepared for y'all's nasty minds on the internet.

    Tyler Lepley looking shocked while reading Thirst Tweets

    But he was a good sport about it.

    Tyler Lepley laughing while reading Thirst Tweets

    Do you think Tyler was able to take the heat? There's only one way to find out! Check out his full Thirst Tweets video below:

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    And for more Tyler, be sure to watch Season 2 of Harlem, which is currently streaming on Prime Video.