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21 TV Shows Fans Are Practically Begging To Bring Back Because Their Finale Episodes Just Weren't Enough

Because no one likes a cliffhanger!

Recently, Reddit user u/dclancy01 asked, 'If you had the power to revive one TV show for a final season, which would it be, and why?" Based off of the replies, there are A TON of series that deserve a redemption.

1. Pushing Daisies

three characters standing in confusion looking at a towel

2. My Name is Earl

four characters pouring boxed wine into an outside fountain

3. The Last Man on Earth

two characters looking at each other as they sit on the edge of a bed

4. Limitless

two FBI characters looking through dumpsters

5. Santa Clarita Diet

two of the characters in the kitchen with dirt all over and the mom's arm out of place

6. The Expanse

the group of characters looking out

7. Terriers

two characters outside by a waterhose

8. Carnivàle

an older character with a cane and fedora outside of an old large carnival truck

9. Legends of Tomorrow

three characters in a small room looking back in shock and confusion

10. Heroes

three of the characters at a funeral

11. I Am Not Okay with This

two characters in sweats sitting on bleachers

12. Person of Interest

two characters sitting on top of a desk

13. Men of a Certain Age

three dads taking a hike

14. The Big Bang Theory

four of the characters hanging out in the living room

15. Gilmore Girls

the three main women standing outside holding flowers

16. Colony

two characters cheers'ing with wine outside

17. Glow

two characters wrestling in the ring

18. The West Wing

close up of a character on the phone while leaning back in his chair

19. Fleabag

a man creeping up behind a woman

20. Utopia (UK)

close up of a man in an office

21. Tru Calling

two characters standing side by side as they look ahead

Is there another series that you think deserves one last season? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.