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    "The Marvels" Star Teyonah Parris And Her Husband, James, Are Expecting Their First Child, And Her Announcement Couldn't Be Cuter

    Teyonah is opening up about her pregnancy journey and how she shared the news with her husband and family.

    From Marvel to mommy! Teyonah Parris just announced that she and her husband, James, are expecting their first child together.

    Teyonah smiling on the red carpet

    Teyonah shared the exciting news on her Instagram earlier today, in partnership with pregnancy-test brand Clearblue.

    "We're pregnant," The Marvels star wrote in her caption. "Whooooo chiiile!! I'm so excited to share that we have a baby on the way!"

    Teyonah standing in front of a brick-pattern wall

    She continued, "There have been so many feelings since we've learned that our dream of becoming parents is finally a reality. My husband, James, and I have felt a mix of shock, lots of nerves, but most of all so much excitement!"

    Teyonah smiling on the red carpet

    Teyonah, who is currently five months pregnant, spoke with People magazine about her pregnancy journey and all the emotions that led to this day.

    Teyonah smiling and wearing a print top

    "I was definitely surprised and a bit shocked," Teyonah said. "But I was only surprised because we've been trying for a while and had not had any success."

    Teyonah smiling on the red carpet

    Once Teyonah confirmed that she was pregnant, she made a special pregnancy-reveal gift for her husband, which included a box with the pregnancy test inside, "along with some other little first-time dad goodies."

    Teyonah sitting and smiling

    But don't expect a gender-reveal party from these two. Teyonah said she and James plan to wait till their baby's born to find out the sex.

    Teyonah smiling on the red carpet

    "My husband and I came to that decision because we feel like it's one of the greatest gifts and surprises that God can give us," she explained.

    Teyonah smiling on the red carpet and wearing a spaghetti-strap outfit

    "I think it's also helped to not have preconceived notions of our child and try not to dictate who this baby is before we even meet the baby," Teyonah concluded. "And so that's been really helpful."

    Teyonah smiling in front of a formal table setting

    We couldn't be happier for the parents-to-be! To learn more about Teyonah, check out her full interview with People.