"Summer House: Martha's Vineyard" Season 2 Premiere Was Absolutely Wild, And People Had A Lot To Say About It


    My reality TV prayers have been answered because Summer House: Martha's Vineyard is officially back on my screen!

    The cast of Summer House posing together on a red carpet at an event, dressed in formal attire

    Season 1 was filled with big laughs and big-time drama, and after watching the Season 2 premiere on March 25, I can say it looks as if we'll be getting even more of that.

    Group photo of the cast from with casual and stylish attire, and a dog seated at the front

    With a new cast member, hilarious one-liners, and Milo, I know I'm going to love tuning in each week.

    Here's what people thought about the newest episode:

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    Noelle been on my screen for 20 mins and I’m loving her. Bumped up to second favorite cast member #SummerHouseMV #SummerHouseMarthasVineyard pic.twitter.com/Z1pkS89iJw

    — Dwayne Paul (eternal sunshines child) (@dwaynepaul06) March 25, 2024
    VH1 / Via Twitter: @dwaynepaul06


    “You didn’t invite the person you’ve been inside of” Hold on now, Summer! #SummerHouseMV pic.twitter.com/sXCYP1fEKx

    — brandon . (@BMarcTheBest) March 25, 2024
    Bravo / Via Twitter: @BMarcTheBest


    There was obvious pressure between Summer and Alex off rip. She tried to play it cool and failed. “I do not care about that man.” Sure Jan. #summerhousemarthasvineyard

    — not carrie bradshaw (@muff_dawg7) March 25, 2024
    Twitter: @muff_dawg7


    Better wigs and more expensive bags this season lmfaooo #SummerHouseMarthasVineyard

    — LT (@michelinmillen) March 26, 2024
    Twitter: @michelinmillen


    Why is Noelle so funny to me😂😂 I like her #SummerHouseMV pic.twitter.com/3ahdWPXX7r

    — Funny Glam Girl. (@b0mbchell_) March 26, 2024
    Bravo / Via Twitter: @b0mbchell_


    arguments, secret relationship reveals and no silas all in the first episode … 10s across the board #SummerHouseMV pic.twitter.com/LbQFfIzvhj

    — Simmy (@Simmy_Ali) March 25, 2024
    HBO Max / Via Twitter: @Simmy_Ali


    Alex deflected that right back onto Summer like a damn boomerang. He said you don’t be inviting people either! 😂😂#SummerHouseMV pic.twitter.com/4yAJRTg9HG

    — 👸🏾L E A👸🏾 (@_MissLeandra) March 25, 2024
    NBC / Via Twitter: @_MissLeandra



    The way Bria kept pouring allat Old Bay & nobody intervened?!pic.twitter.com/fjV5H5XH6S

    — Rachel. (@_loveRachel_) March 25, 2024
    Bravo / Via Twitter: @_loveRachel_


    It feels like they expected Jasmine to get married and for her life to stay exactly the same. Was Jasmine insufferable…ABSOLUTELY! But address that shit and move on. #SummerHouseMarthasVineyard #SummerHouseMV

    — Tommie Snow (@Cityboi90) March 25, 2024
    Twitter: @Cityboi90


    This cast doesn’t believe in getting braids for vacation #SummerHouseMV pic.twitter.com/VaBqiFo4uM

    — Mariah’s Chariot (@getahobbyjill) March 25, 2024
    Bravo / Via Twitter: @getahobbyjill


    This!! This speaks to my soul!! #SummerHouseMV pic.twitter.com/4gRVZpQexP

    — MarTEAnis With Eddy (@MarTEAnisEddy) March 25, 2024
    Bravo / Via Twitter: @MarTEAnisEddy


    So Jasmine brought all these people together now nobody fuck with her.. yikes. #SummerHouseMV pic.twitter.com/mSBhD9Uyq0

    — my truth not yours (@Troistruths) March 25, 2024
    Bravo / Via Twitter: @Troistruths


    Me the entire Tails and Tales dinner lmfao #SummerHouseMarthasVineyard bc why are yall yelling??? pic.twitter.com/qsRuOMVlxM

    — LT (@michelinmillen) March 26, 2024
    Bravo / Via Twitter: @michelinmillen


    Bria and her bullshit!
    Every fucking time!#SummerHouseMV pic.twitter.com/FlKjXqAuck

    — ⚡️Omega Level Threat ⚡️ (@AsToldByDezz) March 25, 2024
    NBC / Via Twitter: @AsToldByDezz


    I wonder if amir’s gf watched season one bc if that were me and my man is staying in a house for 2 weeks with a girl he was obsessed with last summer I’d lose my shit #SummerHouseMV

    — :) (@chaoticairsign) March 25, 2024
    Twitter: @chaoticairsign


    Of course, Shanice is a SOA (Shots On Arrival) girl 😭 #SummerHouseMV https://t.co/R5n66pMrlx

    — Jasmyn (@JasmynBeKnowing) March 25, 2024
    Twitter: @JasmynBeKnowing


    Oh yall said we not dragging this season like last year. #SummerHouseMV #SummerHouseMarthasVineyard pic.twitter.com/WbeYWQTUU2

    — Eric Ford (@ItsMorphinTime_) March 25, 2024
    VH1 / Via Twitter: @ItsMorphinTime_


    I’m more of a “side bunk” #SummerHouseMarthasVineyard @PrestonMitchum you ate that 🤏🏾 pic.twitter.com/BF9frQYh8i

    — Q (@QuentinTHarris) March 26, 2024
    HBO Max / Via Twitter: @QuentinTHarris