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The "Soul" Cast Found Out Which Pixar Heroes They're A Combination Of, And Now You Can Too

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Because 2020 was busy 2020-ing, Disney knew we needed a pick-me-up, which is why they decided to play Santa Claus and deliver us the gift of Pixar’s Soul.

Walt Disney Studios

So, before the film's Christmas Day release, we played a fun game with the cast — Jamie Foxx, Angela Bassett, Tina Fey, Phylicia Rashad, and Questlove — to see which iconic Pixar heroes they're a combination of.

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And now, you can join in on the fun too! See if you get the same results as one of the cast members by taking the quiz below:

Be sure to check out Disney Pixar's Soul, available to stream on Disney+ on Christmas Day.

Walt Disney Studios

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