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    Shonda Rhimes Revealed The "Grey's Anatomy" Characters She Wants To Bring Back And I'm Crying Happy Tears


    Shonda Rhimes — the Queen of late night TV — made my dreams come true on Wednesday when she held a Q&A on her Instagram Story.

    Fans wasted no time asking her about her iconic ABC lineup, which includes one of her most successful shows, Grey's Anatomy.

    And just as the questions didn't disappoint, neither did her answers. Shonda even revealed which characters she missed having on the show.

    Here's who made the cut:

    The Chicago native mentioned Addison Montgomery first, but blamed conflicting schedules as the main issue she hasn't returned.

    "I need Addison Forbes Montgomery too! I can't bring back people who don't exist, in terms of availability. Kate Walsh is busy people. She's busy!"

    Next up, Callie Torres, played by Sara Ramirez. Shonda admitted she made an attempt to get her back, but it didn't work.

    "Let me tell you something, we tried! CBS has a hold of her, because she's on another show [Madam Secretary] and we can't get her out. But we love her...ALWAYS. This is her home. Come home, Callie."

    But the juiciest reveal came when she told fans the number one character she's itching to bring back: George O'Malley.

    "If I could bring back any Grey's character, it would be George O'Malley [played by T.R. Knight]. I love George so much and I miss George so much! He was such an awesome character and he was super funny, and adorable, and amazing. George!"

    I don't know what makes me happier, knowing that Shonda is having character withdrawals from the same people I am...

    ...or the fact that she actually has the ability to make it happen.

    Oh and just in case you were wondering, Shonda officially confirmed Grey's Anatomy will be returning for a 15th season.

    "There will definitely be a 15th season of Grey's Anatomy. We're filming it now. They've already had their first table read and they're off and running. It is pretty great. It keeps going. The show just keeps on going. You guys are amazing."

    So who knows what surprises she might have in store for us.

    And to check out what else Shonda Rhimes revealed about Grey's Anatomy and other shows, head to her Instagram Story before it disappears.