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Paris Hilton Addressed Disgusting Comments About Her Son After People Criticized His Appearance On Instagram

Children should always be off limits!

Paris Hilton is firing back after people on the internet made insensitive comments about her baby boy's physical appearance.

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ICYMI: Paris and her husband Carter Reum welcomed their first child, son Phoenix, on Jan. 16 via surrogate. The two married in 2021.

Closeup of Paris Hilton and Carter Reum smiling on the Grammy's red carpet

Before going any further, it should be noted that Paris has a highly problematic past involving numerous instances of racist and anti-gay comments. Her renewed prominence in the public eye through her documentary, reality show, and recent promotional book tour, have been widely considered a PR strategy to bury these comments and rehabilitate her public image.

On Friday, Paris Hilton shared a sweet collection of photos featuring her 9-month-old son Phoenix to her Instagram. It was her "precious, angel baby's" first time in NYC.

Unfortunately, the sweet bonding moment was met with negative comments about his physical appearance, as some people made malicious jokes about his head size.

I won't mention the actual cruel comments that were posted about Phoenix, because there's no need to give them any more attention...especially since the person they're directed at isn't even old enough to defend himself.

But there were also people online who took it a step further by attacking Paris and her parenting skills.

"Doesn't seem like the motherly type at all"

The negativity surrounding the post made its way across the internet, and one TikTok user called out the cruelty.

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Paris addressed the comments head-on in the post: "🥺😢There are some sick people in this world. My angel is perfectly healthy. And yes, of course he has been to a doctor, he just has a large brain."

A screenshot of the whole comment

The fact that she even has to deal with disgusting remarks like these is a prime example of why a lot of celebrities refuse to show their children online.

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