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Here's What Happened When Kumail, Kunal, And Kal Talked About Being Mistaken For Each Other


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The Big Sick star Kumail Nanjiani took to Twitter on Thursday to let his fans know what's been bothering him lately.

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Despite being an accomplished writer, comedian, and actor, the Oscar nominee is still burdened by the same issue: being mistaken for his fellow brown colleagues.

But he isn't the only South Asian actor dealing with this problem. Star of The Big Bang Theory, Kunal Nayyar, revealed he gets mistaken for Kumail Nanjiani...

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...a lot.

To which Kumail added:

Designated Survivor star, Kal Penn, also chimed in.

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Kal said it happened to him recently.

To which Kumail replied:

Although each actor seemed to joke about the matter, it's clear that it still remains a serious issue in the industry.

@kumailn I look forward to the day you’re mistaken from another brown writer. Read the screenplay for big sick, loved it, anticipate a big tear down my cheek again when I watch it next week. Keep up the great work. *fist-bump*

Twitter: @jun6lee

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